Data Infrastructure

What is Data Infrastructure in a world of information ? Data infrastructure is the combination of all IT systems, hardware and software required to deliver information to your business applications : compute, storage, data protection, data archiving.

Our success

Our success is built on a strict selection of partners, to deliver solutions on proven and innovative technologies. New decade proposes new perspectives, competing internal solutions with cloud solutions. Anidris is the ideal partner to help you to find the right way, to optimize on-premises resources and integrate them with public cloud opportunities.


You need expertise to design, implement, protect and support data management infrastructure. We propose a set of customized services, adapted to our environment.



Expertise is not possible without a selection of good products and good partners. Expertise cannot be sustained without a strong collaboration with technology partners which a strong customer-oriented culture.



We are always motivated to share our experiences and help you to achieve new challenges.

Job Corner

We are looking for an Administrative Officer. You are willing to work in a team with accounting assets and able to work on different sales and administrative tasks.
We are looking for an Junior Internal Sales Engineer. You are enthousiastic with IT technologies and you want to work in a dynamic team, collaborating with sales, technical and administratrive teams.
We are looking for an Network Engineer. You have an experience in network technologies and you want to work more on complex architectures mixing other technologies. You want to be leader and challenges.

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