We help you in storage challenges such as data growth, cost optimization and performances.

Block storage

If you need to get a high-performance centralized storage, with asynchronous or synchronous replication, for running your core business applications, we will provide you a complete support from designing in the most effective configuration, we will fast your deployment and we will integrate all aspects of storage. Building an effective configuration, meaning a good balance between cost and performances, requires a good knowledge of interpreting  current use, to decide if a hybrid or full-flash fit better to your environment. Storage systems can be part of your data protection strategy, by delivering snapshots or continous data protection. We build our customer successes with DellEMC and HPE technologies. We can integrate them in Fibre Channel and iSCSI environments.

NAS - File Storage

Office documents are more numerous and larger, day after day. Dedicated storage such NAS (Network Attach Storage) are designed for this. With DellEMC products, such as PowerMax eNAS, Unity or Isilon, we can provide you scale-in and scale-out solutions. With your system skills, we are able to integrate them smoothly in your existing environments. With our backup expertise, we are able also to define the best data protection strategy. With our archive knowledge, we can set up the most effective solution, to combine cost, security and performance.

Data Protection

Storage systems are not only capable to deliver capacity. They propose protection mechanisms such as snapshoting, to get internal copies fast to take and fast to restore; continous data protection, where every modifications are logged and can be given back at the second. The challenges are to take these copies as consistent , meaning integrating with application workflows; and to execute them as part of your operational workflows in a uniform way with other protection systems. That is part of our job !


Centralized storage systems, block or file, are fundamental to a disaster recovery strategy. Technical overview we can deliver, help you to take the right decision: asynchronous, synchronous or high-available architectures. You need a global integration with company procedures, you need integration with servers and backup systems. More than technical implementation, we assist you with the global plan.