Data Protection

Data Protection

Current infrastructure must be more than saved by a backup software. Business requirements need to define a more complex and detailed data protection plan.

Enterprise backup and recovery solutions

We have one of the most local skilled team in backup area. We have developed expertise with

  • DellEMC : NetWorker and Avamar
  • Veritas NetBackup software
  • Veeam Backup and Replication

We provide you services to design, configure and operate your backup solution. We can integrate it also with storage data protection features.

Deduplication appliances

Obviously as Veritas Platinum partner, we deploy Veritas NetBackup appliances. Obviously as DellEMC Platinum partner, we integrate NetWorker or Avamar with Data Domain appliances. But we are also to integrate NetBackup software with Data Domain systems or HPE StoreOnce. You want to extend your data protection by using Cloud offers: you use Data Domain, we can design and set up CloudTier or CloudBoost; you use NetBackup, we install and configure CloudCatalyst for you.

Continuous Data Protection

Classic backup software allows to reach a Recovery Point Objective of one hour. Storage replication allows you to get two exact copies at the second; but replicate data corruption in the second. For critical business applications, you are capable to keep all transactions at the second by using Continous Data Replication such as DellEMC RecoverPoint. Like a video recorder, you can come back to any time, restore data, test them and if not as expected, replay again to another moment.


Data Protection technologies is a building block in Disaster Recovery Plan. Synchronous replication exposes you to data corruption. Your backup systems and your storage protections such as snapshots and CDP must be fully integrated in DRP. First your data protection systems must be DRP compliant and can be restarted safely in a disaster solution. It requires a great expertise of backup technologies, server and operating systems and storage mechanisms as we have to implement such a solution. Procedures must exist, be simple but  detailed enough to be operated by non-expert persons.

Tape libraries

In the Cloud Era, you could consider tapes as out-dated. However it is still a competitive technology for long-term backups or to implement cost-effective DRP by vaulting a copy. It is still a good combination with deduplication appliances to optimize costs or certain types of restores.

Dell, HPE or Oracle propose modular, capacitive and reliable tape libraries that we can set up with Fibre Channel, iSCSI or SAS connectivity with all our proposed compatible backup software.