Datacenter Relocation

Datacenter Relocation

You need to move your IT components from one datacenter to another. Datacenter relocation requires expertise to guarantee service availability and to mitigate data loss.

Datacenter inventory

We experiment that IT owners have a partial view of datacenter content. They know perfectly about their systems and have a good knowledge of peripheral ones. IT inventory is in general patchwork of inventories, with even few systems that have no owners anymore. We have developed methodology and tools to build a consolidated inventory, fundamental to start a successful datacenter relocation.

Datacenter design

Based on inventory, we can assess your IT infrastructure and collaborate to review your IT infrastructure strategy, covering technical and financial aspects. Our assistance can cover rack design optimization but can go further to work on infrastructure optimizations, covering technology refresh but also architecture aspects like balancing systems across on-premises and cloud locations.

Risk mitigation

Risk mitigation is sometimes underevaluated by technical teams but is really important for management. Most valuable elements are moved during datacenter relocation: company data. It is important to identify risks and how to mitigate them during move operations. We build with you a strategy to reduce downtimes and risk of data loss. It includes system dependencies identification if it has not been covered during inventory.

System moves

Move of systems is the target. Built on a safe preparation, based on previous phases, we work with you to guarantee the success. Tasks are executed by experts in different areas: management of applications by your experts, management by our experts or vendor specialists, cabling, racking and move by different specialists of each area.

Project management

One key success of a datacenter relocation is a good collaboration of all engaged ressources. We provide a project manager, experimented in this area, to make a complete follow-up.