Our added value is the integration of your servers in the complexity of infrastructure.

Server consolidation

We can assess and analyze how your servers are used and define you a strategy to optimize your server architecture. We work with most advanced server manufacturers to improve your service: Cisco, Dell and HPE. Each of them have their own strengths that we know and that we master. We can reduce time to configure, deploy and set up.

Server virtualization

Rate of virtualization is now very high. However we notice every day that fine tuning and best practices are partially respected because it requires skills on other infrastructure subjects. You want to improve your virtualization experience, we can address topics on VMWare vSphere, RedHat KVM and Microsoft Hyper-V.


Like virtualization, high-availability  covered by cluster technologies is transceded by a larger expertise on infrastructure. We propose to deploy or fine-tune cluster solutions proposed by operating system vendors (Solaris, Windows)  or multiple platform cluster with Veritas Cluster Server (InfoScale)


Disaster Recovery Plan and by extension Service Continuity impacts all aspects of infrastructure. We provide a complete solution that covers design, configuration and operations required at the server level, as at storage or backup levels.


Sometimes hyperconvergence is sold as the solution to solve all your problems by integrators having no experience in other infrastructure technologies. We can compare infrastructure solutions and build with the most effective hyperconverged solution. We can give you a better view on Cisco HyperFlex, DellEMC VxRail or HPE Simplivity.