Data Archiving

Data Archiving

if storage market delivers a message of cost efficiency, data growth requires to store data at the right level with the adapted level of protection.

Long-term retention storage

In storage as other topics in IT area, a balance must be found between cost and performance : capacity against speed of access. Through our partners, we can propose solutions with different tiers of storage, with scale-in, scale-out or cloud approaches. DellEMC ECS is the ideal platform to store legal documents that you need to store safely and securely for decades without having an intensive use. Data Domain Retention Lock feature is another tactical approach for medium-term storage.

Archiving software

We work exclusively with the leader of the market: Veritas Enterprise Vault. We are capable to propose you solutions to offload Exchange mail servers, Lotus Domino servers and file servers. Benefits are doubled: you secure information by sending it to a location where data cannot be deleted; you offload your primary storage and you reduce your backup volume.

By journaling mails, you are capable to face legal aspects by guaranteeing data presence in case of litigation.