Our experience shared with you to implement your new solutions or to extend existing ones, with benefit to improve time to deploy, following best practices but also integrating your requirements.

Project design

We define with you project phasing with the best adaptation integrating your constraints. We build with you high-level and low-level designs by presenting you best practices of systems to install and by collecting information about current ones to combine best of both.


Our engineers work in collaboration with your internal team and vendor specialists, to install and to set up systems to make them up and running as designed.

Acceptance tests

We have defined a complete set of tests, documented and validated to be relevant, per technology and per type of systems. It guarantees that systems are implemented following best practices and can go in production, running with adequate level of redundancies.

Knowledge transfer

You want to manage deployed systems by your internal team, we can provide to them handover through workshops on deployed systems, customized trainings and  procedures.