Our services

We take care of your data systems

Anidris is your partner and by the way, accompanies you in each phase of your IT projects.


If you are focus on technics, your first concern is to build a functional and efficient architecture. If you are focus on finance, you want to maximize your investments.

Anidris delivers a set of services that reaches both objectives. For your IT infrastructure, it covers through customized assessments:

  • Transformation
  • Refresh
  • Optimization

As mentioned, your analysis are able to cover technical and financial aspects, with real and adapted sizing. Workshops, reports and presentations are our deliverables. They are customized to targeted public. We define with you blueprints from short to  long-term.


IT systems become easier to deploy. But just connecting and switching on is not enough to get the best of them. The difference between a successful setup and a missed one is a structured and planned approach, mixing technical expertise, practical experience and local constraints.

Anidris adapts systems to fit to your needs, not the contrary. By simplifying operations, you increase system availability and team efficiency. Anidris shares its experience on equivalent projects to avoid you to experiment. Your team does not waste time in self learning. Anidris documents its deployment to ease your handover and our ability to support you.


Longest part in IT systems lifecycle is to make them functional during this period. It requires knowledge, reactivity and proactivity.

Anidris still answers positively to this challenge, by a simple but efficient way: PROXIMITY.

  • Geographic proximity: Anidris support is only present at Luxembourg.
  • Technical proximity: support engineers are those who are involved in implementations.

Support is addressed by SiteCare with three levels:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze