Our references

Our references by business cases

Find here a panel of our experiences. However do not forget that our limits are those of your challenges.

Anidris, with you, builds your future solutions and secures your existing ones, by a strong collaboration and partnership.

Our main scope is TECHNICAL ENGINEERING. You have a problem. We bring you the solution – from designing, through building, teaching to repairing.


Stretched and fully protected data infrastructure

You need high availability and fast access to your data. You need to get a complete solution combining storage and backup.

Global infrastructure

You look for replacing your servers, your storage and transform your central backup, consolidating subsidiaries

Data Protection

You look for efficiency in your backups, to protect at the closest point of your critical data but keeping flexibility and scalability.

Data Efficiency

You want to offload primary storage, you want to reduce your backup window, you want to secure legacy data.

Infrastructure assessment

You want to prepare your next-generation infrastructure and you want evidences to take the right direction.

Service Transformation

You have invested in a converged system but you want to gain back flexibility with same level of service availability.