anidris is partnering with the leaders in the Information Management market to be able to deliver state-of-art solutions and to insure the long-term investment of our customers such as Oracle.

The strategic vendors of anidris are:

 • EMC
 • Oracle
 • Symantec

» Data Protection

Anidris is partnered with the leaders in the data protection marketing and finds the most suitable solution for your business.

EMC NetWorker helps protect applications and data by simplifying and centralizing data protection operations. NetWorker's versatility makes it the ideal backup software for a range of environments, from large data centers to remote offices.

With EMC Avamar deduplicated backups function like full backups and can be recovered in just one step, benefiting in massive storage reduction.

Symantec NetBackup offers unparalleled data protection for Next Generation Data Centers. The NetBackup Platform provides the ability to protect completely, store efficiently, recover anywhere, find easily and manage centrally.

For Microsoft Windows environments Symantec Backup Exec 2010 delivers reliable backup and recovery designed for your growing business.

Veritas Storage Foundation from Symantec provides a complete solution for heterogeneous online storage management. Based on the industry-leading Veritas Volume Manager and Veritas File System, it provides a standard set of integrated tools to centrally manage explosive data growth, maximize storage hardware investments, provide data protection and adapt to changing business requirements.

» Storage and Hardware

Oracle is building upon Sun's and StorageTek's combined 40 years of enterprise storage expertise and leadership to drive value through unique storage innovation, delivering breakaway efficiency, performance, and unmatched scalability.

With EMC and Data Domain we build an efficient information infrastructure that lets you store, protect, optimize, virtualize and leverage your information.

» Data Protection Monitoring

EMC Data Protection Advisor provides the real-time monitoring and reporting you need to stay on top of your ever-evolving data protection environment.

» Mid-term Archiving

Symantec Enterprise Vault reduces the size of primary storage and applications by moving off emails and files, applying deduplication, compression, and makes a searchable index of all archived information. Users can archive across multiple content sources and application and leverage a tiered storage strategy for retention and deletion.

» Long-term Archiving

Want to save space and time for research? Need to improve the productivity of your users? Fea of litigation? Attention to compliance with laws and standards?

Our partner, Luxembourg e-Archiving, helps you throw the paper responsibly thanks to legal e-archiving.

» Security Solutions

Our partner, dartalis, is a sum of talents totalizing more than 75 years of experience in Information Security. It is all about knowledge.