anidris offers a wide range of professional services and solutions to enable your individual business continuity levels through

 • High-level consulting
 • Solutions
 • Infrastructure
 • Local support

» High-level Consulting

Today, Information Management is critical, complex and requires to be aligned to business needs and legal constraints. Anidris, based on the experience inherited from dartalis, has defined a wide portfolio of consultancy missions such as:

 • Assessment and TCO analysis
 • Backup & Restore policies
 • Best practise data protection
 • Data and information classification
 • Risk analysis and recommondations
 • Governance & RfP assistance

» Solutions

anidris is an integrator dedicated and specialized in Information Management and is offering:

 · Project design
 · Implementaion
 · Knowledge transfer

» Infrastructure-as-a-Service

anidris has defined a mid-term strategy dedicated to the Luxembourgish market to deliver Infrastructure-as-a-Service in many steps:

 · Remote monitoring is available today as a service to assist our customers to maintain, supervise and planify their storage and data protection environment

 · On-site operation for customers who decide to focus on their own core business and choose a specialist to operate their environment will be available

 · Infrastructure-as-a-service including storage, backup/restore, archiving, security and network will be offered by anidris and its partners such as dartalis and Learch

» Local Support

The quality of support is the key factor for a good and long-term relationship with customers. Anidris has put in place all organizational, human and technical components to offer a local support from standard products supports until Omnium Site Care contracts covering:

 · SLA contract
 · Proactive support
 · Monitoring
 · Storage and Capacity planing
 · Maintenance renewals & logistics