Nowadays enterprise-class solutions must go beyond standard concepts as Reliablity, Availability, Scalablity, Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness.

I2M approach brings you added value driven by:

 • Proactivity
 • Security
 • Business needs
 • Legal constraints

» I2M is proactive

anidris offers for your global storage and data protection infrastructure:

 • Remote monitoring
 • Regular healthchecks
 • Capacity planning
 • SLA's compliancy
 • Recovery tests

» I2M is secure

Our sister company dartalis is Information Security. Anidris inherited, and leverages this experience to Information Management through:

 • Security audits
 • Data encryption
 • Role Based Access
 • Onsite security mission
 • Secured architecture

» I2M complies with business needs

Today, the challenges faced by most enterprises are costs reduction, business growth and risk mitigation. Applied to storage, it means store, protect, secure, access, archive, comply and shred. Anidris offers

 • Business requirement analysis
 • Risk and compliance assessment
 • Data classification
 • Data protection policies
 • Service Level Agreements

» I2M complies with legal constraints

anidris assists you define, write and implement your data protection policies in accordance with the compliance and security departments. Our policy management take cares of necessary

 • Compliance control
 • Data integrity

to fulfill and comply with

 • Service Level Agreements
 • Reporting and Chargeback

» I2M goes beyond standard concepts

Anidris interconnects the standard concepts of Reliablity, Availability, Scalablity, Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness with added value of

 • Proactivity
 • Security
 • Business needs
 • Legal constraints

I2M enables your business for highly available, robust and solid data infrastructure.