Cloud transformation

Cloud transformation

Cloud transformation is more than servers, network, and storage in the cloud. You want to optimize your infrastructure and build an hybrid cloud with automation tools and move your processes to public cloud.

Infrastructure analysis

Public clouds are not the most cheapest infrastructures. Begin of market maturity tends to demonstratre it. Clouds are additional components for new infrastructure solutions. We have assessment tools to better understant how your existing infrastructure behaves and which elements can be migrated in public clouds or how to build more efficiently your private cloud.

Service inventory

Infrastructure inventory is a first step. We can go further with you because transformation requires additional steps. IT departements are today organised in technology silos, each silo focus on its technology scope. Cloud transformation needs to move frontiers and to change how infrastructure is managed. We work with your teams through topic-oriented workshops. We build a map of constraints and opportunities, define how to set up the new challenges, present roadmaps and organisational plans for transformation.


Cost evaluation

A cost evaluation requires a clear view of technology options. You control your budget on existing components. Cloud providers are able to propose you different alternatives with a certain level of predictability. We are capable to assess your infrastructure, identify points of optimization and present a set of solutions: from a conservative to innovative, from on-premises to hybrid. But not just concepts, up to an adapted architecture, with a clear view of a total cost of owernship: inventory of deployed services, cost of acquisition and cost of operations; without vendor lobbying.

Service transformation and migration

We conduct your infrastructure and your teams in the way of transformation, especially for hybrid environments. Cloud technologies require new tools, new ways to build your infrastructure. We design, we set up and we help you to operate these new architectures, in a none disruptive way becase both worlds are part of our skills and our experience.